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  1.  The A&D  card sandwich  (Prequel Sequel DVD)
  2.  Technicolor Progressive (Cardjurer Lecture Notes)
  3.  Jazzing with M.E.  (Card Theater page 77)
  4.  Combination Cull (Card Theater page 21)
  5.  The Spectator Finds Four (Card Theater page 47)
  6. The Spectator Really Cuts (Card Theater page 43)
  7.  No Extras (Card Theater page 49)
  8. The Any Sandwich (Card Theater page 53)
  9. Your Lucky Day (Card Theater page 103)
  10. Prelude to the Collectors (Card Theater page 38)
  11.  The Splits (Card Theater page 87)
  12.  Highland Fusion  (Card Theater page 62)
  13.  Extended Merlin (Card Theater page 93)
  14. Almost Like Everywhere and Nowhere (Card Theater page 99)
  15.  An Old TV Show
  16.  3Stylin (French PDF download)
  17.  Card Theater – French (PDF download)
  18.  Card Theater – English (PDF download)