Las Vegas Card Expert – Contents

Some of the routines included and explained are:

Change of Mind, 76 Collectors, Quick Coincidence, Ackerman’s Opener; Mixed-Up Blues, Gemini Mates, Impromptu Paul Fox, The Vanishing Aces, Reassembled Finale, Small Packet All-Backs, Revisiting The Card Case Collectors.

Techniques demonstrated and explained include:

Hofzinser Card Pass To Full Bottom Palm, Ackerman Varies Kelly, Ackerman Varies Kelly to Full Palm, New Convincing Control, Minus-One Bottom Deal, One-Handed Center Deal Variation, One-Handed Center Curry Change, Swing-Cut Bottom Palm, The A.B. Bottom Palm, Spooky Altman Trap, The Slip-Shod, Thoughts On The Zarrow Shuffle, Bottom Deal & Routines, Ten-Handed Poker Stack, and much more.

This DVD does cover some of the material that is in Allan’s book, Las Vegas Kardma.